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A  memorable night of music coming to Central New York! 443 Social club -they know how to do it right! Great selection of wines, craft brews and Bourbons.  A nice, cozy little place. Get there early! 

Sold out last year! Reserve tix ahead of time! Wonderful Christmas concert event!

October 19th, Camden, NY Show

An upcoming concert with 2 very special people! My long time accompanist, but we all know he’s soooo much more than that -Harvey Nusbaum and up from Roanoke, my Ceili Rain bandmate piper/flute & whistles, Burt Mitchell. Burt has won … Continue reading Big John & Sailors -extended version, hehe…Once again with “the Peach” -Nick Piccininni! Hornpipes with Nick “the Peach” Piccininni @ Bailiwick’s in Elbridge, NY Ceili fans! Fiddle die hards! It’s going to be a blast!

Beginning student Michael -demonstrating some “PDGP” (pretty darn good posture). Only a month in or so and just about ready for some jigs and reels!