Golden Rule

Price: $15

Make sure you know the “Golden Rule”. This album includes some toe tappin’ jigs-n-reel’s, a few lovely waltz’s and two really nice songs about what’s right in this world.

Game Plan

Price: $15

A unique collection of some of bluegrass music’s “war horse” fiddle tunes, a heartfelt gospel vocal and an original. Also included are two rock songs done in the bluegrass style.


Joe Davoli & Harvey Nusbaum – Fiddle & Guitar

Price: $15

Heavy on the Celtic side but an interesting track list of various genre fiddle tunes. Some swing, some Canadian and some Texas, but definitely just the right amount of jigs, reels and hornpipes to get your toes tappin’.


Davoli: Scales, Arpeggios, Exercises

Price: $15

This book is a compilation of scales, exercises and arpeggios. It was designed  to help improve fiddle technique and build skills necessary to improvise. It’s organized by key and contains modal scales and various chord progressions to be used with fiddle specific bowings. Its content is helpful whether you are an intermediate fiddler or accomplished classical violinist looking to explore  improvisation or put some “groove” in your playing.