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Joe announces Zoom lessons during pandemic.

“Hunkered down” are you? GOOD! While we kick this viruses arse, I’ll be offering lessons online via Zoom -super easy to use + FaceTime for you Apple peeps. New students welcome! Contact me for information. Let’s not lose any ground … Continue reading

Joe & Nick at 443

Mark your calendars and start warming up your foot stompin’ leg! If you haven’t been to 443 yet, here’s your chance to check out this seriously hip little place!

October 19th, Camden, NY Show

An upcoming concert with 2 very special people! My long time accompanist, but we all know he’s soooo much more than that -Harvey Nusbaum and up from Roanoke, my Ceili Rain bandmate piper/flute & whistles, Burt Mitchell. Burt has won … Continue reading Big John & Sailors -extended version, hehe…Once again with “the Peach” -Nick Piccininni! Hornpipes with Nick “the Peach” Piccininni @ Bailiwick’s in Elbridge, NY Ceili fans! Fiddle die hards! It’s going to be a blast!