What's going on?

Slocum sisters Dominate!

Congratulations to my students Ingrid, Beatrix and Una -not pictured because she was busy signing autographs… All 3 placed 1st in their age groups in the Music Competition over the weekend at the Bob Gabor CNY Feis!

You’re not going to want to miss this! Fiddle, pipes, dancers and a young phenom band to kick things off! Proceeds to benefit two amazing schools.

Irish Session @ Kitty Hoynes. Bring your  instruments, or just your ears… but definitely bring an appetite! January 29th 2 PM. 301 W. Fayette St. Syracuse.

Upcoming show alert! Mark your calendar & secure tickets sooner, rather than later! Wonderful venue! Tickets available at www.eventbrite.com

What a St. Patrick’s day celebration it was! Thanks to Bailiwick and the McDonald School of Irish Dance! 

Joe announces Zoom lessons during pandemic.

“Hunkered down” are you? GOOD! While we kick this viruses arse, I’ll be offering lessons online via Zoom -super easy to use + FaceTime for you Apple peeps. New students welcome! Contact me for information. Let’s not lose any ground + this will be a great way to keep you/your child active and stimulated through this troubling time. If I can offer some advice on effective hand washing. Singing happy birthday when you’re not at an actual birthday party is weird so hum a fiddle tune instead -both take around the same amount of time. STAY HEALTHY EVERYONE!

Joe & Nick at 443

Mark your calendars and start warming up your foot stompin’ leg! If you haven’t been to 443 yet, here’s your chance to check out this seriously hip little place!